an episcopal church in pascoag, RI

Families and children are welcomed and encouraged to attend Church of the Beloved. One of the reasons we decided to have our services in the evening and include dinner afterward is that we recognize that Sunday morning can be a tough time for families with young children to get to church. 

Most weeks during our service our parish teens and/or some of our adults will offer a simple children's program in our Family Room during the first half of the service. This is optional for all children and families. Some parents are better able to soak in the first part of the service if they don't have an active child next to them! Children are also welcome to color or play quietly during the service if that is easier for them. We are blessed with great acoustics in our church, which means the noise from our children travels easily. Parents are welcome to do whatever works best for them during church, and the congregation understands that every now and then it's hard to subdue the noise children often bring with them. They raise a joyful noise to the Lord... sometimes it's just in a slightly unconventional way!

On occasion we try to offer a children's sermon or activity during the service to engage and teach children. Because of the nature of our church at this time we do not have specific Christian education for our children, but our hope is that by being fully incorporated into the life of the parish they are learning and growing in their Christian faith!